The future of healthcare has arrived with instant access to a network of physicians who truly care.

Morris View Healthcare Center has partnered with TeleHealth Solution to provide our patients with the best care possible at all times. You no longer have to worry about urgent and emergency medical scenarios that require a trip to the hospital in middle of the night. We now have access to experienced, board-certified doctors via telemedicine, who can provide our residents with virtual medical evaluations in urgent and emergency situations during critical evening hours and weekends.

Our round-the-clock physician coverage allows us to treat our patients in place and helps prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and trips to the Emergency Room.

How Telemedicine Treats Your Loved One In Place:


Patient calls for nurse aide or has had an emergency.


Nursing staff triages and evaluates the patient.


The nurse simply calls our round-the-clock hospitalists.


The doctors guide staff through an exam, assessing patients with a 12-lead ECG, virtual stethoscope, and other tools.

Our doctors can order additional labs and tests to reach a proper diagnosis, treating many medical conditions without a trip to the Emergency Room.