We love hearing from the people who matter most. Here are some great testimonials written by residents and family members.

The staff here is very good to us.

The Allaire people I have met so far make me feel like we’re all family.

I was in another facility before I came here and it was not anything as nice as this one.

My son looked at three other places and said, “Mom this is the nicest place.”

-Joann Crotty

Staff has always treated me well. I’m happy here.

-Margaret McCloughy

I liked meeting Joel he really listened to what I was saying.

-Joan Holden

Well if they are like Joel, we’re going to have fun. He sings.

-Jack Sherwood

I haven’t noticed anything negative happening with the new company coming. Maybe they will add steak to the menu.

I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. I feel like I am living in a Hotel.