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We love hearing from the people who matter most. Here are some great testimonials written by residents and family members.

My sister, Diane, loves your staff and their kindness to her. She adores Cherie, and says all members of staff are very kind to her.

–Patricia Palazzola

Love the new subacute unit. Staff and all take care of everyone with sensitivity.


Service Service, Service!! What a Great Nursing Home, besides being very clean, it’s the pleasant attitude of all the employees. They are always at your beck & call!! It’s service with a smile. I would recommend Morris View to all my family and friends. Five Star overall rating.

–Anthony Manuel

I just left Morris View, after spending a little over 21 days there. I was there because I broke my femur and I needed rehab. They just redid the subacute wing and to be honest, I found it to be beautiful! Nice big screen TV, a good amount of channels, and I found the food to be decent for the most part. I know food is subjective, but they had some dishes that were very good, and some dishes that were so-so. You do get choices and you can make requests, such as I wanted a green salad with lunch and dinner and also a banana or yogurt with breakfast and most times I got it.

Let me tell you, Keisha is a gem! They need to hang on to her, so energetic and filled with compassion and personality!! I also loved Danielle the nurse, Colin, Mary, Anne and there were many others that I could describe physically but I’m horrible with names. The PT and OT people were awesome as well. They got me walking around, dressing, doing kitchen stuff, in and out of a car and finally stairs. They are the reason I am home! The activities people are also very friendly and bubbly. They have therapy dogs that come in on Tuesdays and Fridays which is kind of cool. The social worker Sandy was also great and very organized and sweet! Anything I needed was arranged.

Another note I will mention is that I came from a two week stay in the hospital where I wanted to move more, but they didn’t have the staff to accommodate so unfortunately I had a bit of a bedsore. Morrisview arranged for me to get an air mattress right away and started treating the bedsore and within two weeks it was healed, and I am home now with no bedsore.

I think what people need to keep in mind when reviewing these places is that there are still staffing shortages and healthcare worker shortages, so there are times when a single CNA has like 13-20 patients. Most people seem to want everything at the same time. They are only human and can only do so much at one time. As hard as it is, we need to be patient!

Anyway, I found the care at Morrisview 3rd floor subacute to be more than adequate! They are the reason that I’m not there anymore and at home recovering. I needed to be able to do certain things so that I could not be a burden on my family, and so that I could get in and out of the house (3 steps). Morrisview made that possible!

–Sharon MacGregor

Following a 16-day hospital stay due to surgical complications, I spent nearly 2 weeks at Morris View Healthcare Center in Unit 2B which is the Subacute PT group. I came in nearly non-ambulatory. In 2 weeks they had me up walking with a walker and a cane, navigating steps, and well on my way to reclaiming my life. The PT and OT therapists worked on my specific recovery needs and adjusted to my progress. The Nurses, Aides, Social Worker, Unit Manager, and staff were caring and helpful. They made an unexpected and undesirable situation more comfortable in a caring way.

While all the staff were quite good, I do want to mention some standouts that went the extra mile:
Aides: Keisha, Love and Rachel
Nurses: Eunice, Debbie and the male nurse I forgot his name but was great too
PT: Rachel, Ettid, Chris
OT: Maria, Nikki & Kate
Unit Manager: Colin
Social Worker Melanie

Thank you to all the staff for caring for me and getting me back to life.

–Kevin DeFeo

Thank you unit 2 D for taking great care of my husband while he was there. He is a double amputee and they were very kind and accommodating to him and also to my wishes and requests. We appreciate you Colin, Danielle, Keisha, Nikki. Rachel, Rosemarie, and the rest of the team! Keep up the great work. We need people like you to take care of our loved ones.

–Margherita Oscherician

My mom has been in Morris View since 2019. She is 95, alert and aware of her surroundings, but she is not mobile and needs care. There are goods days and bad for her, but I am forever grateful to the staff and care she has received. Recently she had to be taken off site for a medical appointment and the transport just terrified her. I went along for the ride and the MV staff took care of everything. From the arrangements for the ride service (prompt and on time), the paperwork being completed and all the encouragement she received from the staff for her to go was just amazing. While we were waiting in her room for the ride, there were various visitors stopping in to say hello, encouraging her to eat well and just lifting her spirits. They all told me how much they love and enjoy my mom. It really made a difference. Thank you Nina and Kayla and all the staff at 1410 1D. My family and I appreciate what you do more than you know!

–Jane Garvey

This is my 6th time returning to Morris View for rehab. It’s like home away from home. I feel very safe here, the staff is very good with care. The rooms here are big and spacious with big screen TVs and the privacy is great. I want to recommend this rehab to anyone looking for a place to recover. Both O/T and P/T are top tier. The staff take their time to ensure you meet your goal while demonstrating great knowledge and compassion. I want to thank the team for serving up excellence every time. I strongly recommend this facility to all.

–R Blair Perkins Jr.

After being at Morrisview Healthcare Center for over 3 months, I would like to highlight some of the excellent staff they have there. Nurse Jeff, Nurse Debra and Nurse Cindy did a lot for me. They went above and beyond to ensure excellent care. The Aides that work alongside these nurses are just phenomenal. Keisha has a heart of gold. Amanda is just beautiful and funny she works hard. Jillian went above and beyond and is very responsive. The rehab department is fantastic! I must thank Rachel and Nicki who took great care of me and helped me recover. I am thankful for these beautiful people who made my time here very special. A million thank you!

–Carol Wagner

I think this is a wonderful place! The PT and OT rehab staff are wonderful. The nurses and aides are very helpful the go above and beyon to provide excellent care. I recommend this place to anyone that is in need of rehabilitation or is in need of a nursing home. You will be pleased.

-Aishna Strickland

I am a Long-term resident here, I would like to express how grateful I am for the staff. I contracted covid 19 awhile back and the head nurse Keisha, on my unit ensured I was put into a room where I was given great care. Everyone was very attentive during my time in isolation. I want to say l would like to see my clothes return and not go missing when it goes to the laundry that is the concern I have. As far as the food breakfast is really good and I enjoy that. The place is clean, and I get along well with the staff.

-Debra Autrey

I am grateful for Kasia. I called Morris View desperate wanting to help my 81 year father join an adult Day Care Center. Not only did Kasia followed up with me everyday after she made an introduction for me with another facility , she made sure all of the criteria needed for my father were met. Kasia, thank you for your patience, diligence and prompt solution. Morris View is lucky to have you.

-Zachary Lott

I would like to recommend Morrisview Healthcare Center to anyone who is looking for a great rehab center. The place is clean and the staff is friendly and responsive. The food is not bad, I would enjoy my servings to be in larger portions. My legs have gotten stronger with my therapy sessions and I am feeling good.

-Alejandra Luciano

Excellent care from all the staff…Derrion took time to check in every day with myself as well as all the patients, when I did have one issue she handled it quickly, efficiently, & most importantly with care. Lori and Risika from therapy knew just what plan of care was best to get me stronger and safe enough to go home as quickly as possible. Sandy the social worker made sure to spend time getting to know me personally and made sure to get the most from my insurance company, so I was not released too soon. Huge thank you to all the CNA’s and nursing staff for all the hard work you do & the dedication and care you show. Special thanks to CNA Toy for taking such great care of myself and every other patient here. You made my days here brighter, and I will miss hearing your voice & seeing your face daily! & I must not forget Kim our units housekeeper, thank you Miss Kim for our daily visits during the time you cleaned my room/bathroom, my floors and tabletops, you took time to go above and beyond! I will remember each of you with heartfelt fondness.

-Jake Locket

After being at Morrisview Healthcare center for over 3 months, I would like to highlight some of the excellent staff they have there. Nurse Jeff , Nurse Debra, Nurse Cindy did a lot for me. They went above and beyond to ensure excellent care. The Aides that work alongside these nurses are just phenomenal, Keisha have a heart of gold. Amanda is just beautiful and funny she works hard. Jillian went above and beyond and is very responsive. The rehab department is fantastic! I must thank Rachel and Nicki they took great care of me and help me in recovering. I am thankful for these beautiful people who made my time here very special. A million thank you!

-Colleen Doychak

Best subacute center that I have been in these last 2 years!!!!!! Keisha is the best aide ever!!!!!!

-Carol Wagner

I moved to Morrisview from another facility. Before coming here I heard from another person that was here for rehab, how wonderful the services were. I must say I am truly satisfy and happy that I made the choice to move. The staff here is Excellent, they are kind and caring. My Nurse Anna is very loving to me. I however would like to see some improvements with the food. That would be great. Other wise I am happy.

-Meg Brinster

I have lived here for over 2 years. I like that the recreation department engage us with arts and craft, baking and bingo etc. I love my nurse Heather –she is great. The social worker Sandy is so love-able, she does so much for her residents. I would recommend this place to others because the staffing and care given here is good. I appreciate this place.

-Katherine Herx

Beyond excited to give Morris View 5 stars! The team is caring, thoughtful and super helpful! The Administration Shabsi was very accommodating and passionate about his care center. I can tell he cares about his team and the resident. Thank you Kasia and Brian for inviting me to tour your wonderful building. Keep up the great work!

-Joan Flatt

I really enjoy the comfortable environment and setting for the bistro and should I say that the food is amazing ❤️!

-Shelley Mcdonald

My stay at Morris View was wonderful. I came with Covid and fully recovered! The nurses treated me so well — I love all the nurses, especially Angelica — she spoke to me in Spanish 😉

What I love most about Morris View is the excellent treatment and the staff. And the food is so good! I’m so excited to go home, and very grateful to Morris View for everything they’ve done for me!

– Mercedez Gomez

During this difficult time your staff once again does an amazing job. Please extend my thanks to Friday, who was amazing assisting Mom for my visit today !!

Be safe and thank you and your staff for excellent care!

-Vince Zvolensky

Dear Healthcare Providers.

I couldn’t have had a better healthcare experience then I did at Morris View Nursing! Staff were wonderful and I cannot say enough nice things about my stay at Morris View Nursing Home. I wish to thank the doctors, nurses, CNAs, recreation professionals, and Niki loannou – Occupational Therapist, Susan Mazza – Physical Therapy Assistant, Stephen Eisenhardt – Occupation Therapist, Raphael Hernandez, Lavern Rigby – Housekeeping who did an extraordinary job, Sandy De Aquino – Social Worker deserves an A+ plus, and Alisha Holmes – Unit Manger for always going over and Beyond the Call of Duty. I had lost my credentials at Morristown Hospital and she made every effort on her day off to find them and retrieve them and to locate where they were at and return them to me the following day.

There were so many other medical professionals and staff who each and collectively made my experience at your facility as easy and successful as it could be. On the day that I arrived each person I interacted with was confident and caring, and I felt I was in very competent hands. The staff was always calm and comforting in all their efforts and whatever they were doing. I deeply appreciate the fact that my care came first before anything else. On the day that I arrived each person I interacted with was confident and caring, and I felt I was in very competent hands. Everyone went above and beyond to ensure my comfort and safety.

I worked in the hospitality industry and Home Health Care industry and I am very aware that too often all we receive after service is “the bad news or reviews”, which is why I wanted to convey my sincere thanks to everyone affiliated with my care. I really hope a copy of this letter of gratitude of my recent stay will be passed along to the crew and staff because all too often we just don’t hear the positive feedback


This letter is to all the lovely staff who took care of me from 12/11/19 to 12/27/19 at Morris View Nursing Home, 2B Subacute, that provided this exceptional service.
Please forgive me if I’ve left anyone out it was not intentional.

God bless all the Angels on this unit they are healing to the ones that are still sick and suffering.

-Donnie Trunslow

I want to thank Mike- the Unit nurse from 1A &2A. This Gentleman continued to provide excellent service, complimented with friendliness. He exemplifies leadership; and, United Healthcare is very thankful for members like him at Morris View Healthcare. Mike brings the meaning of Team. Together, Everyone, Accomplish, More.

-United Healthcare

Just a quick note to you about your staff on 1a and others. My mother Mary (1125) has been with you since last year. Her care has been excellent. Monica, Mike, Thanita and the entire staff provide outstanding care and my brothers and I are grateful. She is blessed to have these amazing folks in her life.

-Vince Zvolensky

This letter is being written to express my gratitude for the positive changes that are taking place at Morris View Healthcare Center. Since the new administration came on board, noticeable changes have occurred. From the hiring of needed hospitality aides and additional Certified Nursing Aides to the open line of communication, this facility is sure to promote a positive environment.

The administrator and assistant administrator have gone out of their way to communicate to the residents, family members, and the staff itself that they are going to take Morris View to a new, progressive direction. These two administrators are proactive in meeting the needs of the residents and in meeting the needs of their staff members. They care and their fine effort has not gone unnoticed.

-Mary C.

Since my father checked into Morris View the care you have shown him, as well as my mother and me has been exemplary. You have demonstrated outstanding technical expertise as a professional caregiver delivered with empathy and emotional support.

Our family offers profound thanks for your efforts on our behalf and will always be available as an objective reference.

– Jeff B.

My Mom resided at Morris View for 12+ years because of the exceptional care provided by all of you! I want to thank you all for the kind and compassionate care she received the past six weeks. Marion, you’ve been wonderful, calling me and guiding us through this difficult time.

– Judy & Tommy V.

We would like to say a special “thanks” for all the care and compassion shown to my father while he was in Morris View. It gave us peace of mind to know he was in the hands of a wonderful and caring group of people.

The staff here is very good to us.

-Chris & Laura B

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