Round 1 of Morris View’s Mock “Chopped” Competition was Delicious Fun for All!

On Tuesday, July 31, the first of 3 mock “Chopped” competitions began. Four teams of 2 “chefs” were comprised of Social Services, Administration, Nursing, and Recreation. In this first round, the goal was to create the best appetizer. Contestants were given 4 ingredients they had to use and other ingredients which they could choose to use if they wanted. After a half hour cooking segment, judges (2 staff members and 2 residents) tasted the appetizers and made their decision. The 3 teams that will compete again next week (to create a full entrée) are Social Services, Recreation, and Administration. A great time was had by all and Morris View is proving that we have many who are blessed with talents in the culinary arts. On to Round 2 of Chopped at Morris View!